Kaesler Vineyards

Kaesler owns just over 37 hectares (92 acres) of vineyards in the Barossa Valley, the majority of which is old vine material planted in 1893, 1899, 1930 and in the 1960’s. Fruit is hand picked and hand pruned with irrigation kept to a minimum. Crop thinning is done in most years to reduce yields and maximise flavour with blocks kept separate until final blending.

Kaesler Home Block, Barossa Valley

Surrounding the winery is 28 hectares of vineyards. Soils are sandy clay loam, which in layman’s terms means we have sandy loam top soil for about 25cm and then it goes into a thick potter’s clay layer for the next 30-40cm. From there it is clay with small amounts of limestone dispersed throughout. Moisture is retained well in these soils, which is ideal for our hot, dry weather.

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Marananga, Barossa Valley

Kaesler also owns 9.21 hectares (22.8 acres) of vineyards in the Barossa sub region, Marananga. This area is on the western side of the region about 10 minutes drive from the Kaesler winery. The soils on this site have a profile of 10-15cm of sandy loam followed by clay with limestone thinly dispersed.

Vineyard Details

Nigel Van Der Zande, the Vineyard Manager for Kaesler, has introduced revegetation projects to improve soils, help restore the natural balance and give something back to the environment.

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Dural Wines Australia Pty Ltd represents the Kaesler vineyards in the Barossa, as well as vineyards in Gumeracha (Saint & Scholar) and Clare Valley (Clare Wine Co).
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