2016 Old Vine Trio


2016 Kaesler ‘Old Bastard’ Shiraz

2016 completes this vineyard’s 123rd orbit of the sun. With cuttings taken from vines delivered to Australia before Phylloxera decimated Europe, this vine, and many like it in the Barossa, help re-define the term “old world”. We are the old world. This vineyard was on the brink of death, when we acquired it in 1999. It is testament to just how important and integral the hand of man is in viticulture and the winemaking process. Without our care it would surely have been lost.

2016 Kaesler ‘Alte Reben’ Shiraz

The 2016 Alte Reben Shiraz is from the Marananga hamlet within the Barossa Valley floor. The vineyard is single vineyard planted in 1899. It has three distinct soil types. The 2016 Alte Reben is from a patch adjacent to the Greenock Creek – the top soil is a loam heavily laden with gneiss, a soil type not from the area but washed down from the Eden Valley over the millennia. It has a metallic shimmer. This rests over infinite combinations of stony alluvial wash from the creek. It is extremely deep, not particularly fertile but extraordinarily rich in minerals and trace elements. Sustainable farming systems ensure that the loam is replenished each year.


2016 Kaesler Old Vine Shiraz

Kaesler Old Vine Shiraz has been consistently produced as an elegant wine, tight in its youth, a wine that is made to age. It represents a different style of Shiraz within the Kaesler portfolio, when compared to its bolder brothers, The Bogan and Old Bastard Shiraz.

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