2016 Kaesler ‘Old Bastard’ Shiraz


2016 completes this vineyard’s 122nd orbit of the sun. With cuttings taken from vines delivered to Australia before Phylloxera decimated Europe, this vine, and many like it in the Barossa, help re-define the term “old world”. We are the old world. This vineyard was on the brink of death, when we acquired it in 1999. It is testament to just how important and integral the hand of man is in viticulture and the winemaking process. Without our care it would surely have been lost.


Eyes: Dark purple red, with a garnet edge

Nose: Fresh and fruit driven with blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. Some cherry notes on the nose.

Mouth: A combination of forest fruits with blackberries and mulberries. Savoury, aromatic spices of anise and nutmeg, with some coffee and chocolate notes. Silky, delicate tannins; good acidity and well balanced.

Body: Full

Grape Variety: Shiraz

Region: Barossa Valley

Growing Conditions: Fruit was hand-picked and sourced from Shiraz vines planted in 1893. Matured in 35% new and the remainder in 1 year old French oak. The wine making procedure is a closely guarded secret, with innovative techniques as yet revealed to new world wine. But what we can tell you, is it was harvested by hand at the crack of dawn, when there was enough light shinning through the crystals, looking like an amazing rainbow across the small vineyard.

Vineyard Soils: 

Vine Age: Shiraz vines planted in 1893

Alcohol: 14.5%

pH: 3.75

Acidity: 5.88 g/l

Fruit was hand-picked and sourced from Shiraz vines planted in 1893. The Old Bastard Shiraz ages beautifully, with the berry notes becoming more prominent over time. It has decades to give, cellar up to 20+ years.

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