2016 Kaesler Durif


Our Durif is planted just behind the Old Vine block on an acre at our Kaesler site. The soils vary slightly; essentially a blend of silt dominated loam, sticky highly fine clay, which in turn rests over marbleised limestone rubble. Offering unmatched depth of colour and flavour, our Durif is packed with exceptional varietal notes of berries & cherries finishing as a balanced and refined wine.

    Eyes: Crimson red.

    Nose: Very tightly woven black satin. Aromas of meats and cold sooty fires are harassed by whiffs of saturated black fruits. It’s very busy and complex on a molecular level.

    Mouth: Fine deep nano-tannin coat the palate. Its layered but hard to tell how deep. Its demanding but a delicate kiss of sweet fruit through all the traffic allows a little look into where this black hole of a wine is heading. Don’t fall into your glass, you may never find your way back


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    Grape Variety: Durif (100%)

    Region: Barossa Valley

    Vineyard Soils: Loam over clay (Nuriootpa)

    Vine Age: 12 years old

    Alcohol: 15%

    pH: 3.65


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