Old Bastard

The release of the 2018 Old Bastard celebrates the 125th Anniversary of the vineyard. An incredible milestone for any vigneron. The Old Bastard name given to the wine is in honour of these gnarly old vines. Nurturing these beautiful old vines presents challenges each year and with a combination of regenerative farming practices, two decades working the vineyard and a deep respect for Mother Nature, spectacular wines will be made.

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Vintage 2018

The big dependency every year is Mother Nature. She has the whip hand. She decides how the world will interpret our vineyard and the effort that goes into it. A monumental force, she is the planets governess. Gratefully she was in a good mood in 2018, although she need not be, we’ve been mean to her.

It was a season without fault, or if there were faults, they were small blemishes, not lesions that needed sutures. It would have to be one of the best seasons we have experienced. Really good rainfall through late winter and into spring set the year up. There were a few timely summer rains without too much heat, and then cooled down perfectly for the late ripening season. Text book vintage and the wines show it.

Picking was mostly at our leisure, with an abundance, in all facets, that make great red wine. Colours are mesmerising, aroma’s intoxicating, and palate structure that is beyond the perfect script. Regrettably there aren’t enough of these seasons and the wines they fashion. Our Earths Mum is cranky and restless, she might not be so forgiving in the future.

Old Bastard 2018

Colour: Ruby red, purple through to maroon

Nose: Ticking all the dark berry’s, Blackberry, Mulberry, Blueberry, Raspberry with hints of plum. Delightful layers of mocha and spice from the extra tight grain oak fills the glass.

Palate: In two words ‘mouth’ – ‘filling’. The brilliant 2018 vintage has delivered a timeless and generous Old Bastard. The palate opens with an abundance of bright dark berries and tight chalky tannins with layers of mocha, coffee and chocolate. As always, the wine is completely in balance. The finish is long and firm. The gift that keeps on giving.

Regenerative Farming

It wasn’t until 2018 when we found a name for the agricultural focus we had been practicing, Regenerative Farming. Until then it had been an unconscious practice, driven by our viticulturist and winemakers who are obsessed with leaving the land in better condition than they found it. It’s a process that has been constantly evolving for close to 20 years. It’s more than Sustainability. The result isn’t to sustain the environment; it is to improve it.

Example of Regenerative Farming in the Old Bastard vineyard. In 2002 soil testing showed organic carbon of 0.3%, now due to our regenerative farming practices we have increased that to 1.4%. We introduced permanent pastures and widened the crop, from a traditional size, by one metre. This is a massive improvement. Despite each year the vines depleting the carbon, we managed in remove carbon from the atmosphere and return it to the soil.