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Friday September 18th AKA International Grenache Day!

Grenache is a widely grown wine grape that is often used in blends.
At Kaesler we love Grenache! We make a pure Grenache wine, The Fave, and have a couple of Grenache dominant blends in the Stonehorse GMS and Avignon GM.

Grenache is beautifully food friendly, suited to homely, classic foods such as stews, braised or slow cooked meats, sausage and mash, shepherds pie, spiced seafood, and greasier foods like BBQ ribs, burgers, cold cuts and pretty much all cheese!

Come visit us at the Kaesler Cellar Door for great deals today and all weekend on our Grenache blends! If you are not in the area, you won’t miss out, visit our online store for Grenache specials!

Happy Grenache Day!