It was Groucho Marx who uttered the immortal lines:

“I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member.”

We’re with you, Groucho. Unless of course, it’s a wine club. Because everybody loves a good deal on wine, right? Well, wine lovers do at any rate. But what type of club should you join? And more importantly, is it worth it?

The truth is, there are no hard or fast answers but there are some basics which will help steer you in the right direction. The best way to discover your ideal wine club is to draw up a list of your wants and needs. Think price, brand, engagement and exclusivity as the main draw cards and then consider the benefits that you can gain.

 Why Join?

  • It can make you feel like an extended part of a clan of like-minded individuals, sharing a passion (and a budget) for great wine.
  • You learn the story of the makers behind the wine, have the opportunity to celebrate vintages, and even join those beautifully hazy long-lunch dinners where everybody is having a cracking good time.
  • One of the favourite parts of being part of a wine club for many of our members is the randomness of selection. If you are always seeking new tastes or variations on an old favourite then a wine club is a wonderfully easy way to broaden your taste horizons.
  • If exclusive is your own particular bag? Wine clubs give you the opportunity to have first access to vintage releases, premium wines and exclusive tasting sessions – a major draw for the serious collector.
  • Or for a guaranteed full cellar, the ease of having wine delivered to your home, without the need to think about it, is obviously an advantage to some of our more time poor customers!


But these basic cornerstones aren’t always synonymous. The beauty of joining a wine club like Kaesler is that we have an umbrella of options to try:

The Stonehorse Wine Club

If you are an adventurous type of wine lover, then our Stonehorse Wine Club might be the one for you. You’ll get a surprise selection from our Kaesler, Nashwaulk and Clare Wine Co with six bottles delivered four times per year. You can choose a mixed red and white or stick with just a red selection. Discover if Stonehorse is your club.

Kaesler Stone Horse Shiraz


The Bogan Wine Club

Who doesn’t love a good bogan? Named and created by Kaesler’s chief bogan, Reid Bosward, this Barossa shiraz has a cult following. If you can’t get enough Bogan in your life than The Bogan Club is opening the door of the Holden Torana and bringing you to the party. You’ll receive two bottles of The Bogan Shiraz (or even the occasional magnum) each season. Have a gander at The Bogan Club and prepare your party moccasins.

Kaesler Bogan Shiraz


The Old Vine Wine Club

If you are a serious wine buff and the sniff of a museum vintage sends you into fits of delight, then the Old Vine Club is a wise investment. Our premium wine club naturally attracts our finest selections. You’ll receive a changing selection of between 3 and 6 bottles of wine per delivery. These will include allocations of at least one bottle of our premium wines on release, including Old Bastard, Old Vine Shiraz, Alte Reben Shiraz and The Bogan Shiraz. It’s a shiraz lover’s dream haul.

Kaesler - Old Vine - Shiraz


The Old Bastard Reservation Programme

If there’s a grumpy old bastard in your life, you may want to give them the gift of The Old Bastard Reservations. It’s for serious wine collectors and is sure to put a smile on the dial. You can give any of our Wine Clubs Subscriptions as a gift, but you may want to keep the Old Bastard for yourself. As one of the Australia’s most collected wines, it is used as a worldwide benchmark of premium Barossa Shiraz. The Old Bastard Reservations programme allows you to reserve an annual allocation before the wine is released to the rest of the world. You can discover the finer details of the programme here, but if you consider wine collection and cellaring a serious sport – this is the one for you.

Kaesler Old Bastard Shiraz


But Wait There’s  More

So if your cellar is looking a little bit empty then it’s time to stock up. By joining one of our Kaesler wine clubs you can get:

  • 10-15 % off the retail price.
  • Access to members only exclusive, special offers and first look releases.
  • Invitations to exclusive VIP events.
  • Member’s only accommodation packages to stay at Kaesler Cottages.

We’re always happy to have a chat about our wine clubs and help you make the decision on what would be the best fit for your taste and budget. We don’t lock in contracts and there are no joining fees; you can skip, hold or cancel your subscription at any time.

We’d love to see you at the cellar door, stay the night in our cottages and then have a leisurely tasting the next day, topped off with a vineyard tour. As a member, you would be the first to know about our wonderful events and great offers. Don’t worry – if you can’t make it to the Barossa you can join easily online. It’s much more fun to visit and try before you buy though!