EVERY DAY from Boxing Day 26 December to 2 January

You know what you need to wrap your lips around this summer? A great, big juicy BOZ’S BURGER from Kaesler Wines in the gorgeous Barossa Valley, that’s what.

Who is this mysterious Boz?

Boz is the big man behind the scenes at Kaesler Wines and he loves his meat, with burgers a personal specialty.


What can you expect?

A sensational burger with the perfect charred crust and a juicy mouthwatering interior. A fresh soft bun, gooey cheese and crisp fresh salad that will bring a holiday smile to your face as you grab your burger with both hands and dive right in!

Burger Time

Your lips will be smacking with flavor as the sun beats down. Leave your Sunday best at home as there’ll be sauce dripping down your chin. Fear not, the stack of nearby serviettes that is the calling sign of all good burgers, will cover up any mishaps.

We’ll be serving BOZ’S Beef Cheeseburgers, BBQ Chicken Burgers and Vego Burgers from the Kaesler Steakhouse outside on our cellar door lawn from Boxing Day 26 December until 2 January.

Burger Time

No bookings required and entry is free – just turn up from 12pm, find a spot on the lawn, grab a burger, a glass of wine or sangria and enjoy the live music and the Barossa summer holiday atmosphere.

Family friendly and an affordable day out with burgers from only $15.00!

For more info, contact Kaesler cellar door on 08 8562 4488 or email ksales@kaesler.com.au. We hope to see you there!