Are you constantly running out of your favourite Kaelser Wines?  Or finding you have missed a vintage in your collection?  If so, our Kaesler Concierge service may be what you are looking for.

We  developed our Old Bastard Reservations programme as a service to the collectors of Old Bastard Shiraz to ensure they had first access to every new release,  and we have a number of our customers request with give them a courtesy phone call when their other favourite wine is released so they don’t miss out.

The Kaesler Cellar Door Concierge is courtesy phone call from our friendly cellar door team to keep you up to date with new vintage releases of your favourite wine, special offers, or just to get a regular top up for your cellar.

You can choose to

  • Nominate your favourite wines, and cellar door we will give you a call when the new vintage has been released
  • Request a phone call every 1, 2, 4 or 6 months from the cellar door to make sure you have the wines you need on hand.

This has been very popular for businesses, collectors, and generally other busy wine lovers who don’t like to run out of wine!

If you would like to receive this service from our Cellar Door, please email us at

Remember, there is no obligation purchase, and you can change your requests or  leave the service at any time.